Mission: Voltalia invited to a Kuarup Ceremony in the Amazon

Mission: Voltalia invited to a Kuarup Ceremony in the Amazon

22 Feb 2024

Advancing both environmental preservation and local development is Voltalia's primary goal. This commitment is exemplified by its involvement in the Association for the Virgin Forest (AFV), dedicated to protecting the Amazon rainforest and supporting its communities. In this context, Patrick Delbos, Director of Voltalia France, was invited to a traditional ceremony within the Xingu territory. Here is a video testimonial of this unique experience.


Voltalia, a Mission-Driven Company

Voltalia is a mission-driven company, explicitly articulating its commitment in its bylaws, which include three social and environmental objectives:

  • Act for the production of renewable energy accessible to the many
  • Contribute with local populations to the sustainable development of our territories
  • Make the best of the planet’s resources in a sustainable way


Voltalia’s dedication to these goals manifests itself in its core focus on decarbonized energies. This commitment is deeply embedded in the company’s DNA, with co-founder Robert Dardanne working within the Association for the Virgin Forest (AFV) for 35 years.


AFV, for the Environment and Local Development in the Amazon

In 1989, AFV organized an international tour with Chief Raoni of the Kayapo tribe to raise awareness about deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. This effort led to the official creation of a Kayapo territory of over 100,000 km² in 1993.


Thirty-five years later, the association persists in its global tours, medical missions, relief efforts, and support for cultural transmission in the Kayapo territory and neighboring Xingu lands. Contributions to AFV can be made via online donations, and Voltalia has been actively supporting the association through tangible initiatives for several years.


The Kuarup Ceremony: a Unique Experience and Reiterated Commitments

To represent Voltalia and its commitment to improve global environment and foster local development, Patrick Delbos and his team received an invitation from Chief Raoni to attend the the Kuarup, an annual traditional ceremony uniting Xingu tribe. This local and impactful event has inspired and strengthened the convictions of Voltalia's teams.

Voltalia is dedicated to fostering the sustainable development of communities and the planet, both in France and globally. If you want to learn more about its Mission, and the journey of Voltalia's teams to the Amazon for the Kuarup, watch the video testimony!

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