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Since its creation in 2005, Voltalia has been fully committed to improving the global environment while fostering local development. With the conviction that renewables are where human development and climate preservation meet, Voltalia’s teams make every effort to produce the most innovative and tailored solutions for a sustainable future.

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Uncompromising ethics

Voltalia’s mission to foster local development can only be fulfilled if each employee acts in the most ethical and responsible way.

In this regard, Voltalia intends to be exemplary and to pursue the growth of its activities while remaining faithful to one of its core values: integrity.

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Voltalia as an international integrated energy player, renewable power energy producer and service provider, considers that a strong Quality Mindset is key factor for our Customers, Suppliers, Shareholders, Employees, other stakeholders, and consequently the success of the company.

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Financial information

Voltalia is an international player in renewable energies, and a multi-source electricity producer (wind, solar, hydropower and biomass) and provides services to third party customers. The Investor Relations section provides financial news, presentations, reports and other information to help you further understand Voltalia.

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