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Founded in France in 2005, Voltalia has grown to become an international Energy Producer and Service Provider. We specialize in renewable energy solutions that help our clients join the global energy and ecological transition movement.

Our purpose?

“Improve global environment, fostering local development”

Voltalia History

serra branca


- Start of construction of SSM3-6 (260 MW), and first megawatts for SSM1&2 (320 MW), at the Serra Branca complex in Brazil.

- Acquisition by Helexia of Cap Sud, a specialist in solar roofs on agricultural buildings.

- Development of Arinos, a 1.5 GW photovoltaic complex in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil.

- Second shareholding plan for Voltalia, with a 72% participation rate.

- Construction of the Karavasta project (Albania), the largest solar in the Western Balkans (140 MW).

- Additional issue of green convertible bonds (Green OCEANEs) due 2025 (EUR 50 million).

- Completion of the first CPPA in South Africa with Richards Bay Minerals, Rio Tinto group (148 MW) and launch of the construction of the Bolobedu power plant dedicated to Rio Tinto.

- 490 million capital increase.

- Signing of a 350 MW solar power supply contract with Renault Group.

- Reinforcement in Uzbekistan with a new 123 MW solar project.

- In Egypt, signature of a memorandum of understanding to develop a complex including renewable energy production and the production of green hydrogen.

- New strategic ambitions to 2027.

mission driven


- Voltalia adopts the status of a Mission-Driven Company;

- Opening of the new Canudos Project Complex in the state of Bahia (Brazil) and full power for VSM 2 (128 MW), VSM 3 (152 MW) and VSM 4 (59 MW);

- Voltalia starts construction of the South Farm solar power plant to supply the City of London with green electricity (49.9 MW);

- Implementation of the first multi-buyer Green CPPA in Europe (56 MW);

- Commissioning of the Hallen battery storage plant in the United Kingdom (32 MW);

- Global partnership with Auchan for Voltalia and Helexia.



- Sale of a 67 MW wind farm project and maintenance services to Total-Eren Brazil.

- Voltalia wins a turnkey construction contract followed by the operation and maintenance of three solar power plants for a total installed capacity of 134 MW in Portugal.

- Acquisition of Greensolver in Services to third-party clients.

- In Brazil, Voltalia prepares to construct its largest solar power project (270 MW), and starts the construction of a 150MW project in Brazil: Serra Branca becomes the largest mixed (solar and wind) cluster worldwide.



- In Brazil, Voltalia announces the creation of a new wind power complex, Canudos, in Bahia, with a potential of 1GW, and the construction of a 2GW connection infrastructure: the potential of the Serra Branca complex in Brazil increases to 2.4GW.

- Voltalia acquires Helexia and becomes leader in green business offerings.

- Voltalia sign the first three Corporate PPA contracts in France (158 MW).

- The target of 1GW is secured with 678 MW in operation and 397 MW under construction by the end of 2019.



- Signature of the first contract for remote sites: Voltalia ensures the energy supply to telecom client in Myanmar (hybrid).

- Continued increase in growth in Africa: Voltalia signs an electricity sales contract for a 50MW project in Kenya.

- Voltalia sells developed projects to Actis/Echoenergia as part of a partnership of up to 600MW.



- Voltalia’s first solar power plant in Brazil, which includes the Oiapoque mixed power plant.

- First success in Africa: Voltalia wins a solar power plant project in Egypt (RA Solar, 32MW of installed capacity).



- Acquisition of Martifer Solar, a major player in the photovoltaic market worldwide. With this acquisition, new capacity in solar energy was added in Portugal and the United Kingdom, and a stronger presence in service in around ten countries.

- €170 million capital increase to finance a growth plan targeting 1 GW of installed capacity.



- Acquisition of a portfolio of wind power projects in development with a capacity of 379MW in France.

- In Brazil, central perimeter in operation within the Serra Branca complex with potential of approximately 1.2GW in the state of Rio Grande do Norte.



- Governance developments at Voltalia: Laurence Mulliez becomes Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Voltalia.

- Transfer of Voltalia securities on the regulated market of NYSE-Euronext and capital increase of €100.1 million.



- Commissioning of solar power projects in Greece (1.5 MW of installed capacity)



- Capital increase of €63 million, the majority subscribed by Voltalia Investissement.



- CREADEV, an investment company controlled by the Mulliez family, becomes majority shareholder of Voltalia Investissement and Sébastien Clerc is appointed Chief Executive Officer.

- First auction won in Brazil: 150MW then 170MW in wind power.



- Commissioning of the Coco-Banane solar farm in French Guiana (4.3 MW of installed capacity) and the La Faye wind farm (12 MW of installed capacity) in France.



- Minority stake in the capital of Voltalia Investissement, a Voltalia holding company, taken by an investment company owned by the Mulliez family;

- Commissioning of the scope of the first Voltalia plants: the Kourou biomass power plant in French Guiana (1.7 MW installed capacity) and the 3VD wind farm in France (10.2 MW installed capacity).



- Creation of Voltalia

Key figures

installed capacity

2.37 GW

in operation

energy produced

4.3 TWh

of clean energy produced



countries on 3 continents



dedicated employees

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Since its creation in 2005, Voltalia has been fully committed to improving the global environment while fostering local development. With the conviction that renewables are where human development and climate preservation meet, Voltalia’s teams make every effort to produce the most innovative and tailored solutions for a sustainable future.

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Voltalia is governed by a Board of Directors and a committed management team

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