Voltalia, a "Mission-driven Company"

Our purpose: Improve global environment, foster local development
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Sustainability strategy

Since its creation in 2005, Voltalia has been developing, building and operating renewable energy power plants, in the most developed countries as well as in emerging countries, thus actively contributing to the fight against climate change and better access to energy.

Today, Voltalia intends to go further and has included in May 2021 in its by-laws three social and environmental Mission-driven objectives.

To achieve these Mission-driven objectives, Voltalia relies on its Sustainability strategy but also on solid and lasting pillars which constitute the backbone of its day-to-day operational functioning, it is How we work.

Voltalia adopts an integrated approach to the management of social and environmental risks associated with its activities, which is based on internal transversal collaboration and the deployment of an Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) at Group level.

Our CSR strategy

CSR Strategy

A recognized ESG performance

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A fully integrated sustainable business model

sustainable business model
sustainable business model

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Sustainability Documents

Statement of non-financial performance 2021

Mission Report 2021-2022

Statement of non-financial performance - 2020

Sustainability report- 2019

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