Voltalia, a Mission-driven Company

Our purpose: Improve global environment, foster local development
3 objectives

Our Mission

Voltalia, an international player in the renewable energy sector develops, builds and operates power plants, is also a Mission-driven company.

Our Mission roadmap is based on three social and environmental Mission-driven objectives. They structure our activities and drives all teams for a sustainable growth.

To achieve its Mission, Voltalia relies on solid and on solid and lasting pillars that make the Group a trusted business partner and a responsible employer, it is How we work.

As part of its own activities, Voltalia uses the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance standards as a reference framework for the integrated management of social and environmental risks.

CSR Strategy

A recognized ESG performance

btn ESG Performance


Renewable Energy Certificates

Did you know that Voltalia Brasil has wind farms capable of issuing renewable energy certifications?
Indeed, the production of renewable energy allows the generation, emission, and commercialization of environmental certificates , contributing to the decarbonization of our energy mix.


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