What is sustainability at Voltalia?

what is sustainability

Since its creation in 2005, Voltalia has been fully committed to improve the global environment and foster local development.

To remain within its core values and its mission, the Group aligned its sustainability policy with its growth trajectory. 

A fully integrated sustainable business model

sustainable business model
sustainable business model

Our positive contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

2.8 TWh

of clean energy provided in 2020

98% PEFC

certified wood at Korou power plant

1,546 ktons

of eqCO2 avoided in 2020


invested for social projects in Brazil since 2014


of agrisolar projects

A recognized ESG performance

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sustainable ethics

Uncompromising ethics

Voltalia’s mission to foster local development can only be fulfilled if each employee acts in the most ethical and responsible way.

In this regard, Voltalia intends to be exemplary and to pursue the growth of its activities while remaining faithful to one of its core values: integrity.

Improve global environment

The production of renewable electricity contributes to the fight against climate change avoiding the emissions of CO2 equivalent in the atmosphere.

Moreover, it is our core belief that renewable electricity generation cannot go without an efficient environmental management (biodiversity protection, soils co-use…).

1,546 ktons

of CO2 equivalent avoided in 2020

global environment
Local development

Fostering local development

Voltalia places the utmost importance on its local and sustainable integration into any region where it has plants. The alignment over time of the interests of all stakeholders, including local populations, regulators and public authorities, is a key success factor.

Its active stakeholder dialogue contributes to build an accurate knowledge of local needs to provide customized and innovative solutions.

Our teams, the source of our success

Spread all around the world, our teams are passionate about Voltalia's mission: "improve global environment, fostering local development“.
Voltalia puts great efforts into preserving the safety of its employees.
In addition, Voltalia is determined to favor people’s personal and professional development, to encourage diversity, wellbeing and social dialogue.


of collaborators trained in 2019

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