Our Mission

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Our purpose:

Improve global environment, foster local development


Our 3 Mission-driven Objectives:

#1 Act for the production of a renewable energy accessible to the many

#2 Contribute with the local population to the sustainable development of territories

#3 Make the best out the planet resources, in a sustainable way

We participate in the fight against climate change

Voltalia’s business is a direct lever for climate action. As an independent producer and service provider for renewable energy production, the company is actively involved in the fight against climate change and avoids tons of CO2 emissions through energy decarbonization.


Supporting our clients in their energy transition
Voltalia diversifies its activities in order to complement its services and support its customers in their efforts to reduce their environmental impact. Whether managing wind and solar assets (Greensolver), recovering submerged forests (Triton) or extending the useful life of turbines (MyWindParts), we are benefiting the climate by continuously strengthening our expertise in renewable energies. Helexia specialises in solar roofs and in customised energy efficiency and optimisation solutions and supports companies in terms of their strategy to reduce their carbon footprint.

Improving the way we measure our impact on the climate
To calculate more accurately and reliably the emissions avoided thanks to our green energy production, we are improving how we measure our performance indicators. We therefore developed an internal tool for calculating avoided emissions, which was reviewed and certified by ekodev, an independent third party.



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2023 KPIs
  • 2.37 GW installed capacity (Objective 2027: > 5GW)
  • 4.3 TWh of renewable electricity produced
  • 1,643 kt of CO2 equivalent avoided (Objective 2027 : > 4 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent avoided)
  • 87% of revenues aligned with European taxonomy regulations
  • 64% of MW under development in non-OECD countries
Catalogue of good practices
Our CO2 avoided internal tool certified  
The internal tool, developed in 2021, to calculate the estimated avoided emissions of projects under development (based on the same calculation methodology and emissions factors as Voltalia’s avoided emissions calculation) was also certified by ekodev in 2022.

To know more about this project, you can click on the dedicated article on our Mission Blog.


Raising employee awareness on climate change  
Since 2021, Voltalia has been deploying the Climate Fresco with its employees to raise their awareness on the causes and consequences of climate disruption. The Climate Fresco is a collaborative three-hour workshop that helps us understand the essentials of climate issues in order to take action. This is now a mandatory part of induction seminars for French employees.

La Fresque

We strengthen access to competitive green energy

The renewable energy produced by the power plants developed, built or operated by Voltalia, on its own behalf or on behalf of its customers, provides end consumers (individuals, companies or public administrations) with access to electricity that is often cheaper than traditional sources (coal, gas, fuel oil, nuclear).


Producing cheaper electricity
Renewable electricity has become the least expensive energy ever produced while at the same time meeting the energy security challenges of both countries and companies. Thanks to a differentiating strategy focused on non-subsidized, Voltalia increases access to high-quality renewable energy. We also want to contribute to improving the capacity and reliability of production in countries where the energy grid is not sufficiently developed and in remote areas not currently served by an existing grid.

Remaining a leader in corporate PPA
Our role is to support our clients by offering them competitive, fixed-price renewable electricity, particularly through the signing of Corporate PPAs (CPPAs). CPPAs are long-term contracts that directly tie a company to an electricity producer, such as Voltalia. As part of these contracts, the electricity producer will develop a renewable power plant specifically for the end consumer at attractive, stable long-term price conditions.

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2023 KPIs
  • >93% of electricity generated by Voltalia’s power plants is competitive
  • 5.5 million of equivalent people provided with our renewable electricity
  • Since 2018, more than 1.4 GW of contracts were signed with Corporate power purchase agreement (CPPA)
Catalogue of good practices
Oiapoque power plant in Brazil  
In 2021, Voltalia launched the construction of a hydropower power plant (7.5 MW) close to its hybrid power plant in Oiapoque. This new power plant, which is expected to be completed in 2024, will increase the renewable share from 25% to 75% for this set of multi-energy power plants. The Oiapoque power plant already combines a 4 MW solar unit and a 12 MW thermal unit. This power plant alone provides 100% of the electricity for a town of more than 28,000 inhabitants disconnected from the national grid, with cleaner and cheaper energy than that produced by the diesel generators used by the municipality until now.


Our green electricity is providing the City of London  
Voltalia has completed the construction of the South Farm solar power plant in the United Kingdom, which provides the City of London with green and competitive electricity through a CPPA (Corporate power purchase agreement) . With a capacity of 49.9 megawatts, enough to supply the equivalent of 35,000 inhabitants, the plant will cover more than half of the electricity needs of the city’s prestigious business district.

City of London

We nurture dialogue with our stakeholders

Voltalia attaches the utmost importance to sustainable local integration in the regions where it operates. Regular dialogue with stakeholders, through the implementation of consultation mechanisms, is a systematic and voluntary approach by Voltalia to ensure optimal integration of projects in the territories.


Understand local needs and expectations
Community liaison officers are present in Brazil, France, Kenya and Albania. Their Mission is to monitor and steer the local consultation process and to establish Voltalia as a key player in the region. During the development phase, consultation enables us to identify, meet and involve local stakeholders in the project.

Managing grievances effictively
Good grievance and complaints management is important to support the smooth running of a project. In 2022, Voltalia developed a single, centralised grievance management tool applicable to projects. The tool makes it possible to monitor grievance response times and to document and consolidate the types of grievances received and the solutions proposed. The aim is to strengthen the sharing of best practices and to improve social risk management and dialogue with local communities in a sustainable way.

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2023 KPIs
  • 44% of MW under construction in non-designated countries* are accompanied by a stakeholder engagement plan aligned with International Finance Corporation (IFC) standards (Objective 2027 : 100%)
  • 12 community liaison officers on our different geographies

*Non-designated countries are those for which there is insufficient legislation on social and environmental management (Albania, Brazil and South-Africa in the case of Voltalia's operations)

Catalogue of good practices
Casa Voltalia  
Voltalia has created a place dedicated to dialogue with its stakeholders located in Serra do Mel in the state of Rio Grande Do Norte in Brazil. In addition, a complaints management system enables Voltalia to record all queries and complaints about our projects, and to respond as quickly as possible.

Casa Voltalia

Meet Luciana, Social Relations Specialist in Brazil  
"My job is to develop harmonious relations with our internal and external stakeholders, to set up and lead a space for exchange and finally to respond to the various expectations through social diagnostics, meetings with communities, the organization of institutional visits. Our biggest challenge in Brazil is the geography itself, as the projects are very far apart given the vast size of the territory."


Let’s meet Wayne, our social advisor in South Africa  
“I am currently working on the Bolobedu Project for the construction and operation of a 148 MW solar plant in the Limpopo province. My job in Voltalia is to ensure that the social component of the Bolobedu project is compliant with South African regulations and Voltalia’s Health, Safety Environment and Social (HSES) standards. Some challenges I experienced in my job is the issues of language, since in South Africa we have 11 official languages. We often need to use interpreters to overcome the language barrier among groups in South Africa.“


We contribute to local human development

Voltalia’s activities contribute to the local development by creating jobs and sustainable infrastructure and developing social and environmental projects for the benefit of local communities.


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