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Green procurement, risk management and price competitiveness are the main pillars of PPAs, the new sustainable way to power your business.

Our model, know-how and strong track-record across the value chain of renewable infrastructure enable us to offer competitive and de-risked energy.

What is a Corporate PPA?

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a bilateral contract between a buyer (off-taker) and a power producer (developer, Independent Power Producer, investor). The goal for the buyer is to purchase truly green electricity (including Energy Attributed Certificates) at a defined price for a defined period from a specified project.

A PPA can serve one or several points of delivery corresponding to site consumption of the buyer. It contains all common terms of a power sales contract such as contract length, volume, price etc. A PPA can be signed for power generated by an existing renewable asset or for a newly built asset.

Voltalia is a vertically integrated renewable developer and can offer to the buyer behind the meter (onsite) but also off-site PPA structures.

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The main benefits for your business
Green Electricity Procurement

Renewable electricity has a direct impact on decarbonising your energy requirements and achieving your sustainability goals.

Risk Management

CPPA provides your business with long term price visibility and diversify your purchase portfolio.

Price / Economics

Nowadays, renewable technologies can offer very competitive electricity prices and help your business meet its procurement and financial objectives.

Branding and Leadership

Strong CSR engagement illustrates your leadership on the market and attract new clients and investors.

A competitive electricity tariff on the long-term without any upfront CAPEX investment.

In contrast to procuring electricity from already existing renewable plants, long-term PPAs allow for new capacity to be built and thus have an actual, direct, and sustainable impact on energy transition. A long-term commitment is also essential to selling the electricity at a competitive price and at the same time it offers price certainty.

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