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Procurement, risk management and price competitiveness are the main pillars of our CPPA, the new sustainable way to boost your business.

Our model, know-how and solid experience across the entire renewable energy infrastructure value chain enable us to offer competitive and risk-free energy.

What is a Corporate PPA?

A PPA - Power Purchase Agreement - is a contract between a buyer (electricity off-taker) and an electricity producer (developer, independent power producer, investor). The objective of the buyer is to buy - and, conversely, for the power producer, the objective is to sell - electricity at a defined price for a defined period of time.

A PPA is defined for one or more delivery points corresponding to the consumption of the buyer's site. It contains all the terms common to electricity sales contracts, such as contract duration, volume, price, etc.

A PPA can be signed to purchase/sell energy produced by an existing renewable asset or for a project to be built.

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The main benefits for your business
Green Electricity Procurement

Renewable electricity has a direct impact on decarbonizing your energy needs and achieving your sustainability goals.

Risk Management

A CPPA provides your company with long-term price visibility and diversifies your portfolio.


Today, renewable technologies can offer very competitive electricity prices and help your company meet its financial and environmental goals.

Brand and investors

A strong commitment to corporate social responsibility demonstrates a willingness to be at the forefront of the market and attracts potential customers and investors.

Ensures a competitive long-term electricity rate with no upfront CAPEX capital investment.

Unlike purchasing electricity from existing renewable projects, long-term PPAs allow for the construction of new capacity and thus have a real, direct, and lasting impact on the energy transition. A long-term commitment is also essential to selling electricity at a competitive price while providing certainty on that price.

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