Our management system ensures that the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of the various stakeholders and business partners are met. HSE and Quality tools are implemented throughout the Group and guarantee constant improvement of the quality, environmental and safety management system on-site.

Our certificates

ISO 45001 Voltalia Portugal
ISO 45001 Voltalia UK
ISO 14001 Voltalia UK
ISO 45001 Voltalia Spain
ISO 14001 Voltalia Spain
ISO 9001 Voltalia UK
ISO 9001 Voltalia Spain
ISO 45001 Voltalia Italy
ISO 45001 Voltalia Greece
ISO 14001 Voltalia Portugal
ISO 14001 Voltalia Italy
ISO 14001 Voltalia Greece
ISO 9001 Voltalia Portugal
ISO 9001 Voltalia France
ISO 9001 Voltalia Greece
CHAS Voltalia UK
AQPV Voltalia France*
*As a guarantee of the quality of service provided by companies in the solar photovoltaic sector, Voltalia is now the eighth company in history to obtain AQPV certification. Voltalia is an integrated operator with recognized experience in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic installations.

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