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years of international experience

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Voltalia provides full EPC services from the design of the plant to its commissioning. Our worldwide coverage and best-in-class teams ensure high-quality services.

Solar Energy

Competitive and abundant, photovoltaics is one sector that has seen a dramatic price drop.

Technical progress has reduced the cost of equipment and installations, while the massification of installations has allowed for increased competence and optimized production and construction processes.

RA Solar
Serra Branca
Serra Branca

Wind Energy

Wind power is a competitive means of producing electricity with many advantages: the resource it uses, the wind, is inexhaustible. Furthermore, a wind turbine produces electricity without emitting greenhouse gasses, and the installations are completely reversible: at the end of operation, a site returns to its original appearance.

Biomass Energy

Beyond providing renewable energy, biomass involves local players and therefore stimulates a territorial dynamic. It presents many benefits in the territories where it is developed: energy, economic and, of course, environmental.


Hydro Energy

In many countries, hydro power remains the most competitive source of non-intermittent energy. Coupled with storage, it can enable the integration of even cheaper sources of intermittent energy.

A well-designed hydro power project produces low levels of CO2 emissions as well as high energy efficiency and load factor, making this source of energy both competitive and reliable.

Energy Storage

Voltalia is adding a new sector to its project portfolio: energy storage, allowing us to optimize energy production. Storage allows us to ensure continuity of supply in the event of a network problem, and more generally to improve the quality of service and integrate more intermittent renewable energies.


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Our strong track record and industrial expertise enable us to deliver projects on time while optimizing performance.

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