Voltalia’s financial strength
Voltalia, an international player in renewable energy, is an independent energy producer from its own power plants and a service provider across the entire value chain. As a pioneer in the market of services for industrial and tertiary businesses, Voltalia offers a comprehensive range of services, including direct supply of green electricity, energy efficiency services, and decentralized on-site production through its subsidiary Helexia.
06 September 2023
The benefits of solar panels for your home
The use of solar energy is growing steadily in France. Solar panels are being installed in both urban and rural areas, from the side of highways to agricultural land, and even the roofs of homes. Figures from the Photovoltaic Solar Energy Observatory show a 64% increase in residential rooftop installations in France between 2014 and 2020. But what are the benefits of solar energy for your home? Let’s find out.
29 August 2023
Business model
How Voltalia's business model adds value to its service activities
Voltalia’s presence throughout the entire renewable energy infrastructure value chain has allowed us to offer a wide range of services in the renewable energy sector. From the development phase to delivery and maintenance, we approach our client’s projects with the same level of care and dedication as we would treat our own. Let's take a look at how Voltalia benefits from this fully integrated business model in order to excel as a service provider.
18 May 2023

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