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How Voltalia's business model adds value to its service activities

18 May 2023

Voltalia’s presence throughout the entire renewable energy infrastructure value chain has allowed us to offer a wide range of services in the renewable energy sector. From the development phase to delivery and maintenance, we approach our client’s projects with the same level of care and dedication as we would treat our own. Let's take a look at how Voltalia benefits from this fully integrated business model in order to excel as a service provider.

Building a trust-based relationship

Being primarily an Independent Power Producer (IPP), we have been able to develop extensive synergies with our activities as a service provider. After all, our core business relies on a fully integrated business model where Development, EPC, and O&M are handled in-house.

This has allowed us to develop a broad understanding of the issues and challenges that an energy production project faces. From project development and financing, obtaining permits and authorizations, to conducting negotiations with a variety of stakeholders, these are just a few areas in the energy production value chain where Voltalia has extensive experience.

As an IPP first and a service provider second, we only take on service contracts that are completely aligned with our core expertise, which allows us to respond more effectively to our clients’ needs. This business model sets us apart from other service providers who will take on any contract, regardless of the actual commitment they will be able to offer during the implementation process.

We pride ourselves on our ability to build strong partnerships with our EPC and O&M clients and to create exceptional value for our clients by bringing an IPP company’s perspective to the table.

“We can support our customers in their development and growth and we take the necessary time to clarify the finer details. We know the issues they’re dealing with and their priorities, since we solve the same problems when working on Voltalia’s IPP projects.”

Ludovic Chatelet, Commercial Director - EPC Division at Voltalia

Enabling synergy between different fields of intervention

EPC and O&M: complementary activities

Voltalia’s business model as a service provider allows it to offer a wide range of services, in particular in the fields of EPC and O&M. Over the years, we have been able to hone our competencies in EPC and O&M, which allows us to optimize the cost of O&M for our clients as well as ensure the performance of a plant in the long term.

O&M and EPC: a quick explanation

EPC: Engineering, Procurement & Construction. From the design of the plant to its commissioning. O&M: Optimizing the performance of your assets through real-time facility Monitoring.

A guarantee of deliverability for your PV project

In addition, Voltalia is a high-performance solar energy equipment supplier. Solar energy installations are gaining in popularity, especially in light of recent economic and political shifts: current political instability has led to volatility in the energy markets and has created complications in the supply chain. These issues have resulted in a shortage of certain components and extended lead times, impacting the return on investment of many energy production projects.

We pride ourselves on our ability to build strong partnerships with our EPC and O&M clients and to create exceptional value for our clients by bringing an IPP company’s perspective to the table.

A business model designed with sustainability in mind

Voltalia is a mission-driven company whose purpose is to improve the global environment and foster local development wherever the company operates. This is not just a mission statement, but a true commitment that forms part of our company's DNA, and is reflected in our projects, both in energy production and EPC/O&M services.

Our projects are designed with sustainability in mind, with lasting effects that continue beyond Voltalia's presence in the region. Several recent projects illustrate this commitment to sustainability.

For instance, our “Casa Voltalia'' initiative enabled the creation of a space dedicated to discussion with stakeholders in Serra do Mel, Brazil, where queries and grievances were quickly and appropriately addressed. The “Flora preservation” project aimed to protect a specific orchid (Traunsteiner Dactylorhize) that blooms in the region during the construction of the French Taconnaz plant, commissioned in 2019.

Focus on the “Transformando com Energia” project

  • A Brazilian nationwide program developed in the regions where Voltalia operates, providing training for local people.
  • The aim was to enable them to work in trades that are in high demand in the regional job market.
  • “I really believe in the kind of project that involves training people. Aside from the skills they learn, it helps them gain confidence and embrace new opportunities that come their way.”, says Andressa Spata, Socioenvironmental Development Coordinator at Voltalia

Voltalia’s business model as a service provider allows it to distinguish itself from its competitors on the renewable energy market, by providing clients with extensive expertise in all areas of the energy production value chain. Our service projects are carried out in joint partnership with our clients. In keeping with our mission-driven approach, we ensure the social and environmental quality of each project. Would you like to know more about Voltalia’s range of activities?

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