Mission: Voltalia invited to a Kuarup Ceremony in the Amazon
Mission: Voltalia invited to a Kuarup Ceremony in the Amazon

Advancing both environmental preservation and local development is Voltalia's primary goal. This commitment is exemplified by its involvement in the Association for the Virgin Forest (AFV), dedicated to protecting the Amazon rainforest and supporting its communities. In this context, Patrick Delbos, Director of Voltalia France, was invited to a traditional ceremony within the Xingu territory. Here is a video testimonial of this unique experience.

22 February 2024
How Voltalia measures its avoided CO2 emissions
In light of the challenges posed by climate change, the transition to sustainable energy sources has become a priority. As a renewable energy producer, Voltalia actively reduces CO₂ emissions into the atmosphere by taking practical steps towards the decarbonization of electricity.
10 August 2023
People in a classroom setting
Transformando com Energia - Empowering people and creating opportunities
Voltalia knows that it can count on its employees to leave a lasting, positive impact wherever they operate. This can be seen in Brazil, where the company is developing large-scale renewable energy projects with wind, solar, hydroelectric, and hybrid power plants.
06 June 2023

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