ESG performance

Year Rating Utilities (Industry Group) Renewable power production (subindustry)
2020 15.2 - Low risk 7 / 482 3 / 60
2019 19.2 - Low risk 16 / 403 8 / 51

Voltalia's management of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) risks was assessed by the Sustainalytics rating agency in 2019 and 2020, one of the world leaders in non-financial research and analysis. The summary of the assessment report highlights that Voltalia’s management of ESG risks significantly reduces its exposure to the risk of controversy and to any financial impact caused by the occurrence of one of these risks. Voltalia's score confirms that the actions implemented address the "materia" issues required by its financial and regulatory stakeholders.

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Voltalia confirms its status of responsible company and progresses within the Gaïa-Index

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For the third year in a row Voltalia was included in the Gaïa index in 2020 developed by the extra-financial rating agency EthiFinance. The rating is based on a set of non-financial criteria which enable assessment of the transparency and maturity level of companies with regards to their CSR and sustainability policies, practices and performances.

Voltalia’s progression on the overall ranking in 2020 underlines the fulfilment of the Company's commitments on topics such as health and safety, business ethics and the fight against climate change.

*Each year, the Gaia standard evolves and new criteria are included to better take into account the various aspects of Sustainability. Criteria related to biodiversity, natural resources and suppliers were added in 2020. According to the 2020 benchmark, Voltalia would have scored 62/100 in 2018 and 70/100 in 2019.

Year Rating Globalranking Ranking among the companies with revenues between € 150M and €500M
2020 76 / 100 44 / 230 8 / 69
2019 71 / 100* 50 / 230 10 / 70
2018 62 / 100* 80 / 230 24 / 78

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