Voltalia and Helexia, a green synergy!

The energy transition is necessary for everyone. To preserve the planet and save money, everyone must act at their own level.
Helexia creates, pilots and develops solutions alongside its clients that allow for rapid results by combining economy and ecology to make sustainable development a reality and a lever for all.
Every day, and for more than 10 years, Helexia's teams of experts have been working to offer integrated, local solutions and guarantee your future energy savings.

Energy management provider

Real tool of continuous improvement, the management of energy mono or multi-sites allows you a 360° approach combining :

- Control of your business energy expenses
- Continuous improvement of your energy efficiency
- Real-time monitoring of your consumption
- Comparison of your consumption
- Detection of your energy consumption drifts
- Remote control of equipment and CSR reporting


Produce green and local energy

Photovoltaics is an inexhaustible source of non-polluting energy. Real solution of independence to traditional energies (fossil fuels & nuclear), photovoltaic is both clean, profitable and recyclable.

Helexia's photovoltaic solutions on roofs, on the ground or in shades, allow you to:

- Produce a competitive green energy
- Promote your CSR policy
- Reduce your energy bills
- Enhance the value of your assets (roof, land or parking)
- Generate an additional income on the long term

Energy savings

The price of energy continues to rise. Energy efficiency is a short-term axis allowing you to generate energy savings, optimize your energy consumption, reduce your carbon emissions and above all ensure your profitability.

- Energy savings and expected ROI
- Energy performance indicators
- Compliance & regulations
- Obtaining certifications
- Definition and prioritization of projects
- Regular communication and reporting
- Budgets & financing
- Quality & timelines
- Compliance with regulations
- Administrative approvals
- Material and service suppliers
- Valuation of CEE


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What can I do to optimize my company's electricity, gas and water bills?
How to improve the carbon impact of my company in the long term?
What are the best practices for a multi-site company to manage its energy?
How can energy efficiency concern me on a single building scale?



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