Voltalia and Helexia, a green synergy!

HELEXIA combines ECONOMY and ECOLOGY to make the energy transition a reality for the sustainable development of companies. For more than 10 years, we have been designing and building, with our clients, energy solutions that create value for their companies and minimize their impact on the planet.
For organizations, the energy transition represents a tremendous opportunity by allowing them to produce their clean energy locally, have more efficient production processes and apply circular economy models.
These points are essential for competitive and sustainable businesses. Helexia develops and invests in turnkey projects to accelerate this transition.

Energy management

Energy management is about looking at energy consumption in the production process in an integrated way. It is about managing an organization's entire energy system: electricity, gas, biomass, diesel, or any other type of energy source, and making that system more efficient over time, reducing operating costs and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Helexia can help your organization to :

- Energy management for more efficient use on an ongoing basis
- Certification of an energy management system that follows the parameters of the ISO 50001 standard
- Identify cost reduction opportunities by analyzing the energy and environmental efficiency of your fleet.


Clean energy production for self-consumption

Helexia develops local solutions for the production and use of renewable energy, adapted to your activity. Without having to divert capital from your main activity, your company can access the self-consumption of clean energy through the installation of photovoltaic plants or solar carports.

We work together with our clients to achieve :

- Energy transition and economic pragmatism
- Energy objectives and ecological commitments
- Social responsibility and corporate profitability

Energy saving

Energy conservation is about achieving efficiencies to reduce energy consumption and the associated financial cost. Helexia works with you and invests to enable the combination of meeting current needs and reducing energy consumption, saving you money.

- Reduce your energy bill through energy efficiency measures
- Ensure better operation of systems and equipment
- Improve and monitor energy efficiency indicators
- Optimize the company's production processes
- Replacing equipment with more efficient models
- Tracking consumption performance through indicators
- Adopting smart and economical practices in the use of electrical energy
- Contributing to a more sustainable environment
- Compliance with regulations


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What can I do to optimize my company's electricity, gas and water bills?
How to improve the carbon impact of my company in the long term?
What are the best practices for a multi-site company to manage its energy?
How can energy efficiency concern me on a single building scale?



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