Revamping - Hercules Solar Park


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10.8 MW


EOS PortugalĀ 


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The first contract with EOS HOLDING was to replace 25 Siemens 400 KVA central inverters with 100 Huawei 110 KVA string inverters.

The Hercules Solar Park (PFH) is located in Brinches, in the municipality of Serpa, Portugal.

The inverters of this photovoltaic park, installed in 2006, were reaching the end of their life and were becoming obsolete in the short term. Therefore, the client intended to carry out an operation to replace the aforementioned central inverters with string inverters, using the current power transformers.


Working in partnership with EOS Portugal, Voltalia contributed to regenerate the performance and reliability levels of this plant and to extend the operating life of the plant. Voltalia, on behalf of EOS Portugal, has undertaken a detailed study to upgrade the plant. Using its own experience, Voltalia proposed a suitable solution that took into account the commercial constraints and the compatibility with the operating licenses awarded to the entity. The selected solution solved technical problems that emerged during the analysis phase, allowing us to stay within competitive budget.

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