Pinhal Novo Photovoltaic Plant (Pessegueiro)


expected commissioning date

63.5 MW


120 000

solar panels


The Pinhal Novo photovoltaic plant is a turnkey project for which Voltalia is responsible for all phases, from detailed engineering to construction, creating approximately 200 new jobs.

It will have an installed capacity of 63.5 MW and approximately 120,000 solar modules, which will be connected to the grid by the end of 2022, with an annual production capacity of 126,367 MWh. The energy produced by this solar power plant will be sufficient to supply electricity to more than 26,000 homes, according to statistics on average domestic consumption in Portugal.

Regarding the operation and maintenance of the plant, Voltalia will have a 15-year contract, during which it will provide a regular maintenance service and where a guarantee of performance of the installations is included.

According to the Voltalia Portugal project manager responsible for this project, "we are once again contributing to the implementation of a large-scale, complex and job-creating project. This will be one of the largest solar installations built to date in Portugal, and normally the construction of a project of this magnitude takes at least 10 months. Currently, we are already in the phase of placing the panels. We want to be part of the history of renewable energy in Portugal and it is these projects that help us to showcase our skills and allow us to actively contribute to the decarbonization of the country."

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