At Voltalia, employees are not only passionate about renewable energy, but also about their own personal and professional growth. The company values the continuous development of its collaborators and encourages the sharing of experiences and knowledge. Voltalia's work culture is supportive and collaborative, giving voice to each employee and promoting a welcoming and engaged atmosphere. The Voltalians take pride in their work and are committed to making a positive difference in the environment and society.

“Your first job doesn’t determine your career, especially if you are not afraid of change. This decision made me realize that I had some soft skills I didn’t know I had. I am proud of this change.”

Tiago Guimarães, Project Developer Manager

“Flexibility is something I really appreciate at Voltalia. You're not confined to one position and you have the opportunity to completely change jobs to some extent. Management could not have been more supportive.”

Sofia Marechal, Country Managing Director - Head of Spain at Voltalia

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