Garrido Complex


expected commissioning date



50.6 MW


46 685

tons of CO2 avoided per year


The Garrido Complex is Voltalia's new Portuguese cluster of small solar power plants. Given the constant increase in the share of renewable energy in Portugal's energy consumption, this project was born as a contribution to Voltalia's active participation in the energy transition in Portugal, supporting the production of renewable and competitive electricity.

The renewable energy will be sold through long-term CPPAs (Corporate Power Purchase Agreements), which will guarantee a significant consumption of green and sustainable energy by the purchasing companies, thus avoiding the release of more than 46,685 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year.

The Garrido project, with a total installed capacity of 50.6 MW, also responds to the concerns of European countries, which are facing high energy prices, inflation and possible energy rationing in the case of large industrial consumers.

garrido complex


The Garrido complex consists of photovoltaic plants located in the following places:

  • Oliveira de Frades (1.2 MWp)
  • Antuzede (11.4 MWp)
  • Vale Serrão (2.4 MWp)
  • Alcochete, (23.8 MWp)
  • Pinhal Novo (11.8 MWp)

The different locations represent the diversity of the territory and the colorful landscapes of Portugal.

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