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Our purpose:

Improve global environment, foster local development


Our 3 Mission-driven objectives:

#1 Act for the production of a renewable energy accessible to the many

#2 Contribute with the local population to the sustainable development of territories

#3 Make the best out the planet resources, in a sustainable way


Actively participate to the fight against climate change

Each MWh produced from renewable electricity decarbonizes energy and therefore prevents the emission of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Key figure: 1,421 kt of CO2 equivalent avoided in 2021.

Construction of the Group biggest solar project

Voltalia is beginning the construction of SSM1&2, the Group biggest solar project located in the Serra Branca cluster, located in the Brazilian State of Rio Grande do Norte. When it will be commissioned during the first half of 2022, SSM1&2 will become Voltalia’s largest solar project worldwide. To know more, you can click here: Press release

Improvement of the French Guiana energy mix

The Sable Blanc project in French Guiana combines a photovoltaic power plant with a battery storage unit. This combination will allow the electricity produced during the day to be injected into the grid after dark, while improving the stability of electricity production. The project is highly anticipated to help improve the electrical system in a region where electricity demand is growing rapidly, and to replace existing diesel generators in Saint Laurent du Maroni. Press release

Strengthen access to competitive energy

Voltalia targets regions of the world where renewables do not need subsidies to locally produce affordable electricity.

Key figure: ≈ 80% of Voltalia’s installed capacity is unsubsidized.

Signature of a 56MW corporate PPA

Voltalia signed a 20-year corporate solar power purchase agreement with 11 French firms, a non-subsidized 56MW solar farm which will be developed in the south of France.
To know more, you can click here: Press release

Objective 2

Nurture dialogue with stakeholders

Regular and active dialogue with stakeholders, thanks to the establishment of consultation mechanisms, is a systematic and voluntary process of Voltalia in order to ensure optimal and sustainable integration of projects in the territories.

Key figure: dedicated Community Liaison Officers in Brazil, France and Kenya
                   1 Group grievance mechanism under development

Casa Voltalia in Brazil

Voltalia has created a place dedicated to dialogue with stakeholders at Serra do Mel in Brazil. A grievance mechanism allows us to record any questions or grievances about the project and to respond to them as soon as possible. This grievance mechanism is associated with a “Stakeholder Engagement Plan” that ensures dialogue with all identified stakeholders, monitors the grievance mechanism and its effectiveness, and provides a timely and appropriate response.

Community Liaison Officer in France

“My role is to work on the ground on the human side, put in place the appropriate tools to develop support for the project. The final goal is to have a project understood and shared by the local stakeholders” – Voltalia Community Liaison Officer in France.

Foster human local development

In Brazil, Voltalia carries out social and environmental projects that are fully integrated into a strategic vision for the long-term local establishment of the company in the territory.

Key figure: 41 social projects and actions in Brazil in 2020;
                    2M€ invested for communities

Acting during the Covid pandemic

Several actions have been carried out to fight the Covid epidemic and provide communities with emergency assistance: donations of food baskets, donations of medical equipment (masks, gloves, surgical caps), donations of reusable masks, brochures, cleaning and hygiene kits for health professionals. The actions benefited to more than 2,000 people in the states of Rio Grande do Norte, Bahia, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and Amapá.

Transformado com energia

This is a nationwide program that aims to support the training of local labor by financing free courses for the residents of the regions where the company operates. This initiative contributes to increasing the employability of students not only for the project, but also for other opportunities in the future. The trainings have specific HSE programs and the students receive certificates both from the course and from the NRs* necessary to carry out the work, which is a great differential for the market.

*Norma Reguladora: regulated standard a certification to

Objective 3

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