Ethics & compliance

Voltalia’s mission is to improve the global environment by fostering local development. All collaborators are expected to contribute to achieving this mission. This mission, however, is meaningful only if, in implementing it, we act in accordance with the ethical principles of a corporate citizen.

Ethics policy & procedures

Modern slavery
Statement 2021
Ethics Guide & Code of Conduct

Measures put in place

To ensure proper implementation of this Ethics Guide & Code of Conduct and compliance with its rules and values, Voltalia creates a set of MEASURES described herein which relate to both (i) fighting corruption and fraud and (ii) protecting our employees and stakeholders.

The implementation of these measures is enthusiastically supported by the Board of Directors, the CEO, and the Executive Committee.

The Deputy CEO Strategy & Organization has been appointed as Ethical Referent and will be responsible for the application of this Ethics Guide & Code of Conduct. He remains attentive to any collaborator who has questions about the application of the Ethics Guide & Code of Conduct. In his task, he is assisted by the Group Legal & Compliance Manager. They will report annually to the audit committee on the various alerts received and the mechanisms put in place to counter such events in the future.

Measures put in place

Protecting our employees and stakeholders


Recruitment, remuneration or promotion cannot be based on any other grounds than professional competence and the respect of our ethical rules.


Harassment covers a wide range of unwanted and/or annoying behavior of an offensive nature directed to one party or a group. It is commonly understood as behavior that disturbs, constrains or affects dignity or that upsets a person, whether through actions, words or in writing.

fair competition

Fair competition rules prohibit concluding any type of agreement or understanding (even those that are oral or informal) with a competitor that affects, limits or constrains fair competition, specifically with regard to pricing, territories, markets or clients.

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